Murder Mystery Settings

Researching: the Murder Mystery: the Mystique of Place

Murder Mystery Settings Places have voices, just like authors do. Places have texture, flavor, smells, and that elusive quality of "feel." For Erin Hart, it's the bogland of Ireland. For G. M. Mailliet, it's the English village, embodied in her fictional town of Nether Monkslip. For Cara Black, it's Paris. Come to think of it, we should all have at least one book set in Paris. The tax write-off alone would be worth it. As for me, I seemed to have fastened onto the Hollywood sign as my icon. See? It's right there on the header. No, I don't live there, but every time I've been to LA in the past few years, I make a point to go there, and when I can, to rent in the neighborhood just below the sign, which is its own village within the Hollywood Hills specifically and LA generally. There are other villages within LA. You could even say that LA is at its best when you are intimately involved in one or another of its villages. Hollywoodland My enchantment with this particular place began when I read that the iconic "HOLLYWOOD" sign used to read "HOLLYWOODLAND" and signified one of the early ...
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A Tribute to Hollywood
by The Lady Jester

Researching the Murder Mystery: Gender-Different Characters

A few years ago, I worked a few weeks with a high school geometry class. One of the students was ...
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Andrew Mancini, "Mask"

Cozy-Noir: Brewing Magic

from Wikipedia: Cozy mysteries: also referred to simply as "cozies," are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and ...
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Researching the Murder Mystery: Casing Cemeteries

Last week I found myself perched on a typical Hollywood Hills neighborhood overlooking both a slice of the 101 as ...
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sue and shadow

Left Coast Crime 2014 and Sue Grafton

Report from Left Coast Crime 2014 Left Coast Crime this year was in Monterey, California. The days of the conference ...
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plot diagram wiki commons

A Cozy Mystery Plot Diagram

The most common plot diagram is this, the one you have probably seen many, many times: (from There’s others: ...
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